Brickmongers London

Material Shortages

Whilst there will always be shortages in various products required for construction, the current situation caused by a perfect storm of Brexit, the Pandemic and a surge in building across all sectors is creating unprecedented demand on the supply chain. There have always been peaks and troughs in availability of certain materials at certain times, but we are seeing it across a wider group of materials and at the same time.

Brick availability has also been affected but we can take steps to manage the situation together. Help us to help you by placing orders for products along with an accurate schedule as soon as a decision is made on the brick. Most manufacturers will not accept an order without a schedule, so it is important to plan ahead and as much as humanly possible, stick to the plan. Accuracy of the take off will also ensure that the correct amount of bricks is produced for your project.

In essence, we need to be more like the Scouts and Be Prepared!

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