Brickmongers London

The Right Way to Deliver

Using the correct vehicle to deliver product to your site is extremely important. Using a lorry which is too big or doesn’t have means to offload is a costly problem and can take time to resolve. The best way to ensure the correct lorry is used for your delivery is to check the size and type from the fleet below or to pick up the phone and contact us. We will talk through the delivery options at the time of order and ensure that we have worked out the right way to deliver!

The smallest vehicle in the fleet, very well specified. Low in height and short in length. Rear mounted crane aids flexibility.

Gross Weight: 26 tonne
Carrying Capacity: 16 tonne
Length: 9.4 metres
Crane Reach: 5 metres

Before the arrival of Draw-Bars this was the vehicle of choice for brick and block deliveries. Still required for many jobs, more capacity than a 6 wheeler and only slightly longer.

Gross Weight: 32 tonne
Carrying Capacity: 18.5 tonne
Length: 10.8 metres
Crane Reach: 6.1 metres

This type of vehicle makes up the bulk of our fleet and for good reason. Large carrying capacity, very maneuverable with the added bonus of being able to drop the trailer if required.

Gross Weight: 44 tonnes
Carrying Capacity: 28 tonnes
Length: 16.1 metres
Crane Reach: 5.1 metres

Another very versatile vehicle, A full size artic with a forklift on the back. A large vehicle with large capacity but with the ability to access small sites with the forklift.

Gross Weight: 44 tonnes
Carrying Capacity: 27 tonnes
Length: 17.1 metres