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Size: 215mm x 102mm x 65mm (LxWxH)

Product Description

Clay taken from a quarry or river is mixed with other raw materials such as sand, lava, lime, iron and chromium oxides. The clay is put through various processes to remove any unwanted aggregates or metals. It is then kneaded with steam and water before being thrown by machine into a “Deboer” press. The waterstruck texture is created by omitting the sand from the moulding process. The shaped bricks are then dried before being fired in a tunnel kiln at temperatures ranging from 1060 -1270°c. The unique colours are achieved through a combination of varied firing methods and the addition of coal to the face of the bricks which provide strong natural colouring with hints of glazing.

Product Features

Brick Type Facing Brick
Colour Red
Texture Light Texture
Production Method Water Struck
Product Type Brick
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