Brickmongers London


Samples are absolutely essential in the World of Bricks and Stone. Most products are made in batches and those batches can change colour from time to time. We would insist on having sampled a standard sample panel as a minimum.

There are various methods of sampling the products, most of which are free, but some manufacturers may make a small charge which is then refundable if an order is placed.

Standard Sample Panel

Typically made up of three stretcher slips and three header slips bonded to a board. Ideal for first inspection.

Mortared Board

You've shortlisted a brick type but would like to see it with mortar. These can be ordered and might take a week or so to be organised.

Site Reference Panel

60 whole bricks delivered to site for you to build a 1m2 sample panel. This will become the reference point detailing brick colour, joint height and profile, mortar colour and any special details.