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The weird and wonderful are welcome here! We love a challenge and love to provide solutions. Whether you simply need a brick for a new project, can’t work out how to achieve a certain detail, have been let down and are desperate for bricks to finish a project or have designed something that seems impossible to build, we can help.  



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Working with designers, architects, contractors and anyone wishing to build a magnificent wall. 

Brickmongers supply bricks, stone, glazed brick, brick slip systems and pre-fabricated brickwork solutions to the construction industry.

Top Tip

Looking for a Linear Brick but don’t quite have the budget? Try pointing with a flush vertical joint and a slightly recessed horizontal joint. This method creates a linear affect with strips of continuous horizontal brickwork. 

You could also try butt jointing every other brick or use a standard 50 x 210 x 100mm brick, which will look thinner and more linear anyway!

The Tulip looks Set to Bloom

The controversial Tulip Tower, designed by Foster & Partners is looking likely to get the go ahead as Michael Gove overturns London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn’s

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Stirling Prize 2021

Congratulations to Grafton Architects for winning the Stirling Prize 2021! A fantastic achievement for a project that celebrates the column and the courtyard. Click here

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Men from Down Under

The use of glazed bricks in contemporary architecture is still turning new corners as architects the World over find new and innovative ways in which

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Star Product

The Shire Cream is a beautiful warm buff, handmade textured brick from Vandersanden. With a range of colours within the brick, this would look incredible on a contemporary design or nestled within stone quoins on a cottage in the Cotswolds.

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The Engels Baksteen Helden factory may not be one you immediately recognise, but the main product that this factory produces will certainly be familiar. The Mystique Buff brick is now known as the New London Stock. Taking a new slant on the traditional weathered yellow stock and featuring a texture created by burning sawdust off during the firing process, this Dutch factory and their award winning products have become extremely popular in the UK.  

Imported by Traditional Brick and Stone and distributed by Brickmongers London Ltd, call us to find out more about the range of bricks from this factory.