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Why use Brickmongers? We have a special set of skills and we’re not afraid to use them! Each member of the team has been trained to the highest levels of brick matching, specification and detailing all things brick shaped. No project too small or too large, we are always ready to help you.  Service is paramount to every Brickmonger!

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Terracotta in Tehran

If you want to see an innovative use of stack bonded brickwork used in an interesting and creative way, look no further than the Hitra

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Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2022 and another exciting year in the Wonderful World of Bricks!! If you need bricks now or are thinking of building with them

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Working with designers, architects, contractors and anyone wishing to build a magnificent wall. 

Brickmongers supply bricks, stone, glazed brick, brick slip systems and pre-fabricated brickwork solutions to the construction industry.

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