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The weird and wonderful are welcome here! We love a challenge and love to provide solutions. Whether you simply need a brick for a new project, can’t work out how to achieve a certain detail, have been let down and are desperate for bricks to finish a project or have designed something that seems impossible to build, we can help.  



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Working with designers, architects, contractors and anyone wishing to build a magnificent wall. 

Brickmongers supply bricks, stone, glazed brick, brick slip systems and pre-fabricated brickwork solutions to the construction industry.

Top Tip

Why not ask for your bricks WITHOUT shrink wrap? Some factories need the wrapping to avoid excess chipping, but if you are buying bricks that are not susceptible, just ask for them without a wrapper. A reusable tarpaulin or brick bags will give just as much protection and will allow the air to circulate around the bricks allowing them to dry. The effect of bricks sweating inside a wrapper can increase the risk of efflorescence in certain brick types.

Let nature take its course. Adopt best site practices when laying and covering bricks in work. Reduce plastic consumption, save money and help the planet… it’s win, win, win!

London Build 2021

It still seems strange to be surrounded by thousands of people, but there was an exciting atmosphere at the London Build Expo being held at

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What a Night!

A celebration of all things brick! The 2021 Annual Brick Awards held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel didn’t disappoint as we were treated to a

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Great News from Ibstock

Ibstock Brick has announced plans to invest in a new factory making purpose made brick slips. Not the first of it’s kind in the UK,

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NotPlas for Construction?

Dezeen Magazine features an article on the use of seaweed and plant based products as a replacement for plastic. Notplas is reported to be completely

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The Tulip looks Set to Bloom

The controversial Tulip Tower, designed by Foster & Partners is looking likely to get the go ahead as Michael Gove overturns London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn’s

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Star Product

It is only fair that we highlight the Swanage Brick Range as they were the proud winners of the Supreme Winner Category at the 2021 Brick Awards. The flexibility of the factory manager to create a blend that the architect and client was happy with, is precisely why they won last night. Not to mention the fantastic brick laying skills of Grangewood Brickwork. Well done!

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Ibstock Brick are one of the UK’s major manufacturers of brick. We welcomed the news that Ibstock is investing £50m in a new factory to produce purpose made brick slips. The use of brick slips in construction continues to grow so making a way of producing them more efficiently is better for the industry and more importantly, the environment.

Waste in construction is a massive problem, not only for the impact on the environment but also on the cost of disposing of excess and unwanted packaging. Anything we can do to help reduce waste and make construction more sustainable is a very good thing.

We shall have to wait and see what the full colour range will be, but I expect the product range will consist of extruded, wire-cut products.